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About MDRA

Who We Are:

The Michigan Dog Rescue Advocates group is an organization of all volunteer, canine rescues dedicated to preserving a tradition of responsible, ethical, volunteer-run canine rescue that serves the animals, our fellow rescues and the community equally well. We believe that volunteer run rescue organizations have the right and the ability to be self-regulating when we are bound by our commitment to a common Code of Ethics and subject ourselves voluntarily to peer review. We reject the premise that non rescue persons, large sheltering organizations or government agencies are needed to police our work.

Our member organizations may be large or small, may have small sheltering facilities in addition to foster homes, may specialize in one breed or rescue a variety of breeds and mixes. The things that define us as rescues are found in the Code of Ethics. Shelters who invite rescue release and the adopting public can know that a rescue that is a member in good standing of the MDRA has been screened, has had a variety of references checked and has made a commitment to operate within the boundaries of our Code of Ethics. Complaints that a member organization has violated our Code of Ethics will be addressed with an investigation and if warranted, expulsion from the MDRA.


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